Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hobbit houses on itunes

An advert for the hobbit houses is up on and it is visible on the itunes music store too.

Check it out here

Changes on kav

We made some changes to the hobbit houses on kav. What we did was to add more houses and shrink the parcels slightly this means that they are less expensive to buy. It appears that perhaps not everyone wanted to buy a huge chunk of land to live in a hobbit house.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hobbit Houses Pictures

Here are some more pictures of the houses. These are on a private island are are all available for sale. You can go into Second Life to see the hobbit houses in person.

Hobbit Houses

Blooming Rose estates has created a new island to support a little piece of the The Shire by building hobbit houses in beautiful rolling green hills. The covenant on the land will ensure that the people that buy here will keep the same feeling of being in Middle Earth so that you can enjoy your hobbit house.

Skyboxes are acceptable, but the main purpose is to have your very own hobbit house.

You can visit them in Second Life. Come see the hobbit houses.